7 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat According to a Beachbody Dietitian

  • Ilana Muhlstein, nutrition program creator of Beachbody offers seven suggestions to people who are desperate to lose belly fat.
  • Her advice includes loading on a lot of water-based foods rich in potassium and fiber to reduce bloating and keep one full for a longer time.
  • Doing other things to cope with stress is suggested, and keeping junk foods out of sight can help lessen abdominal fat.

Beachbody’s 2B Mindset nutrition program creator Ilana Muhlstein, MS, recommends 7 things you can do to lower belly fat and keep it off for good.

1. Eat more plant-based diets

Consuming water-filled veggies rich in potassium like tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis, helps you lose weight and relieve water retention in your stomach because they are low in calories, says Ilana.

Additionally, nutritionist Maddie Kinzly, MS, LD said that eating more plant-based diets especially veggies, whole grains, and plant proteins loaded with healthy nutrients and fiber, will keep you full.

2. Increase Fiber Intake

Studies show that women who followed a diet of higher fiber had lesser chances of getting a higher waist circumference.

To keep you regular and relieve bloating, Ilana suggests that you aim for at least 25 grams of fiber. Opt for soluble fiber like oat bran, barley, lentils, beans, citrus fruits and veggies like cauliflower.

3. Get Enough Protein

A daily dose of protein is proven to satisfy your hunger so you tend to eat less. Making protein shakes with fiber from flax meal, chia seeds, beans, and avocado is recommended by Ilana.

According to ACSM-certified personal trainer Jim White, the standard dietary reference for protein intake is about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Meaning, women at 150 pounds should consume around 54 grams of protein to help reduce overall body fat.

4. Lessen Stress

The hormone cortisol is released during stress. When cortisol levels are constantly high, the storage of excess glucose as fat in the abdomen is promoted, leading to belly fat.

You don’t just gain weight in stress eating, but gain more in the lower stomach. Thus, avoid stress-eating and do other coping strategies such as taking walks or showers, doing yoga, workouts or meditations, and others.

5. Keep these foods out of sight

During times of stress, keep foods higher in fat, refined carbs and sugar content out of sight and mind. Not only are they addictive and increase weight, but they also spike insulin levels. Keeping insulin levels low would mean a reduced overall body fat percentage, thus lower belly fat.

6. When Sugar Cravings Attack, Be Ready

Aside from mint gum, it’s also advisable to keep healthy low-calorie desserts such as no-bake brownies or cookies, in the freezer, when gum can’t do the job. Ilana suggests making a PB&J Wonder Whip. Mix plain Greek yogurt, powdered peanut butter, honey or stevia in a bowl then top with grapes or strawberries.

7. Fill up your kitchen with healthy options

Clear your countertops of sweet sugary foods, and replace it with bowls of oranges, bananas, apples or cherry tomatoes. To remind you of your healthy lifestyle, keep things out in plain view by creating a tea, coffee or smoothie station, or a planner listing your weekly healthy diet plans and workouts


Source: Pop Sugar

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