It’s okay to be vain

It’s okay to be vain

It’s important to take care of yourself at all ages. Being vain (within limits) is part of that. We aren’t advocating turning Carly Simon’s “Your So Vain” into your theme song and life motto, but we do think you should take care of yourself.

Do things that make you feel good and look younger. Dye your hair. Treat yourself to a spa day. Enjoy that massage. Buy and use that fancy expensive anti-aging face creme.

Getting a nip and tuck is not the key to eternal youth. In fact sometimes, if done poorly it has the opposite effect. So if this is a route you are considering, be sure to do extensive research and go in with realistic expectations.

“There’s a big difference between going crazy trying to look 10 years younger and trying to look your best at whatever age you are,”

says Vivian Diller, PhD, author of Face It.

“Prolonging the vitality of your skin, your hair, and your body will make you feel more confident and youthful.”

So there you have it….don’t go the full body plastic makeover, but take care of yourself the best way you can.

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